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800-775-0111 • info@visitedenton.com


Pre-Production Planning

No matter what you need, Edenton has it! 

With more than 170 historic homes, churches, and buildings built between the early 18th and early 20th centuries, Edenton is home to a vast array of architectural styles including: Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, Queen Anne, and Victorian.

Scenic vistas and contemporary or historic settings —  interior and exterior — abound in Edenton.  Whether you need a small town setting or rural charm, it can be found in Edenton and Chowan County.

In the chilly months of fall and winter or the warm months of spring and summer- our town is beautiful in any season.


To see more of what Edenton has to offer, view our gallery of pictures at the top of the page, take the time to click through our Historic Places and Edenton Homes galleries, and even take our Armchair Virtual Tour.

When you are ready to plan a visit, please let us know and we will make sure you have everything you need.

Nearby Studios

North Carolina has production studios throughout the state. These two studios are the closest to Edenton.

  • Trail Blazer Studios- located near Raleigh, is 138 miles (2 hours driving) from Edenton. They offer two sound stages at 4,410 sq ft and 1,620 sq ft.

  • EUE/Screen Gem Studios- located in Wilmington, is 177 miles (3 hrs and 15 min driving) from Edenton. The full service studio complex offers 10 sound stages with 150,000 sq ft of column-free shooting space, support spaces, and communications services.

For more information on other studio complexes in North Carolina, please click here to be directed to North Carolina Film Office. 

Additional Production Services

People in Edenton and Chowan County are some of the friendliest and most accommodating people you will meet. If you need assistance, all you need to do is ask. No matter where you are filming in the area, Edenton will be an excellent base for your production.

Edenton offers a variety of accommodations, from historic Bed & Breakfasts to modern hotels, including extended stay options.  Local  restaurants and caterers will be happy to provide catering services for long days on set or regular meals. If you are looking for space for a large gathering we have a number of venues that will meet your needs. 

If you are in need of extras, there are people here to help and would be proud to be apart of your movie! Just let us know how many you need.