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Relax — It’s Sunday in Edenton.

Enjoy the peace & quiet.

Welcome to the change of pace. Sure, there are some shops and restaurants open, as well as our lighthouse and museums, but the hustle and bustle on Broad Street is missing. In its place — well, listen to the seagulls, or the sound of the water down at the harbor.

And even if you’re not a regular church goer, there are some beautiful churches to attend in downtown Edenton. (St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is the second oldest church in the state, dating back to 1736).

Get lost in the nostalgia of more simpler times — have a picnic in the park, ride bicycles through the tree-lined streets, and enjoy the waterfront on a lazy afternoon. Paddle and kayak, tour the 1886 lighthouse, take in a movie.

Relax and enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon in one of America’s prettiest towns.