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Drop Your Anchor in Edenton

Welcome to Edenton, NC, where the tranquil waters beckon boaters to explore our historic shores. Discover the charm of our waterfront town as you sail along the picturesque Albemarle Sound. Experience Southern hospitality and maritime heritage in Edenton, your perfect boating destination. From scenic marinas to waterfront dining, Edenton offers an unforgettable boating experience for all who venture to its shores.

Embark on your boating journey to Edenton, equipped with the essential resources to make the most of your maritime adventure. Our curated list of local resources serves as your compass, guiding you through the myriad offerings of our charming coastal community. Whether you’re seeking nearby attractions to explore on land, trusted repair partners to keep your vessel shipshape, cozy accommodations to rest your sea legs or insider tips from seasoned locals, our website serves as your virtual harbor for all things Edenton.

Navigate through our comprehensive directory to discover hidden gems and must-visit spots along the waterfront, ensuring every moment of your boating excursion is filled with excitement and discovery. From historical landmarks to scenic vistas, our list highlights the diverse array of experiences awaiting you in Edenton. So, set sail confidently, knowing that our website is your trusted companion, providing the insights and information you need for an unforgettable maritime getaway!



Innerbanks Outboards (239) 207-4053

  • Outboard motor repair 


Layton’s Boatworks (252) 482-1504

  • Boat construction and repairs
  • Yanmar specialist


Donnies Marine Canvas

  • Canvas design, installation, and repairs


Mackeys Marina (252) 793-5031

  • Transient and long term dockage 
  • Travelift hauling 
  • Boat launch 
  • Repair services 
  • Gas and diesel 
  • Restaurant 

Whalebone Marine Rigging and Repair (252) 216-4711 

  • Rigging and repair services 
  • Contact:


Albemarle Plantation Marina (252) 426-4037

  • 18 mi. from Edenton, NC
  • Transient and long term dockage 
  • Gas and diesel fuel 
  • Restauran\t