Explore Edenton

Edenton is a treasure trove of endless exploration and captivating experiences. From our time-honored landmarks and diverse recreational activities, to quaint boutiques and unique community events — an abundance of experiences await around every corner.

Make the most of your stay and discover our delightful mix of history, leisure, and vibrant festivities below:

Historic Sites & Attractions

As the first colonial capital of North Carolina, history seeps from every nook and cranny of Edenton. Today, it features an extensive historic district with architectural styles spanning 300 years — boasting multiple National Historic Landmarks and multiple locations on the National Register of Historic Places.

Outdoor Recreation

In a region where land and water intertwine, Edenton is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. As the heart of the Inner Banks, our connection to water has always been a defining characteristic of our community. The unique blend of water-bound excitement and inland tranquility offers an unforgettable coastal experience for everyone!


 Edenton’s Broad Street boasts three blocks of historic, 19th century buildings that house nearly forty downtown shops and restaurants within walking distance to the waterfront. Grab an authentic orangeade from an old-school pharmacy, shop our local boutiques for a luxury gift or decor piece, and get your caffeine fix — all in one, vibrant downtown district.

Culture & Art

Edenton’s rich cultural tapestry weaves together the past and present. Our museums celebrate history with creativity. Experiential home tours feature enchanting period music, with plays and reenactments that breathe life into history. The exquisite pottery and paintings crafted by local artists honors the coastal traditions that define Edenton.

Did You Know?

Edenton’s namesake, Charles Eden (1673-1722) was one of the first governors of North Carolina. Although legacy lives with his governing of the Colony of Carolina, he’s also well-known for his relationship with none other than the infamous pirate, Blackbeard. Legend has it that Eden pardoned Edward Teach following a royal proclamation from King George I in 1717. Some speculate that this mercy was given in exchange for two plundered treasures, supposedly shipped through secret tunnels along the banks of the Chowan River. Be it as it may, Edenton’s maritime history is an integral element of the charming coastal ambiance we see today.


Upcoming Events

Life in Edenton wouldn’t be the same without local tradition. Throughout the year, Edentonians gather to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and history in the making. In a town renowned for its warm & welcoming charm, our calendar is brimming with events to bring people together.