In a region where land and water intertwine, Edenton is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.  As the heart of the Inner Banks, our connection to water has always been a defining characteristic of our community. 

Our waterfront town harbor, set amidst a historic landscape, is your launchpad for aquatic adventures like fishing, boating, kayaking, or stand-up paddleboarding. For longer journeys, consider our paddle trails and camping platforms. Boaters can even dock two nights free.

On dry land, enjoy golfing, bird-watching, and leisurely strolls along the water. Edenton’s unique blend of water-bound excitement and inland tranquility offers an unforgettable coastal experience for everyone!

Edenton Steamers Baseball Team

Our collegiate summer league welcomes top-notch college players from across the nation to play at the Historic Hicks Field, home of the oldest remaining wooden grandstand of its kind in North Carolina. 

Bennett’s Millpond

Bennett’s Millpond is a hidden gem in Chowan County, with canoeing, kayaking, primitive camping, and a NC Birding Trail. All this, plus a scenic pavilion and boardwalk, await you in this charming hideaway.

Hendrix Park & Cannon’s Ferry River Walk

This newly established haven along the Chowan River is perfect for picnics, fishing, and paddling. The picturesque boardwalk stands a tribute to the herring fishing industry and its significant role in shaping our community.