Five reasons to make the Edenton Trolley Tour your first stop on your visit

The Edenton Trolley Tour is a beloved part of life in Edenton.

As it slowly makes its way through the streets, cars honk to greet the passengers, residents wave from their front porches, and businesses welcome riders for a treat or souvenir.

Everyone who has spent time in Edenton knows the sight of the iconic green (and now red) trolley.

So, why should YOU make it your first stop in Edenton?

It’s the perfect introduction to Edenton’s history.

Edenton is packed to overflowing with history. There’s more here than anyone can possibly take in in one weekend. Walking through Edenton and reading it yourself is like drinking from a firehose of information. There’s so much spread out over town you often don’t know where to go next. On the trolley tour, you’ll get an overview of what you’d like to see.

It’s the only place to hear some of Edenton’s best stories.

Edenton has been a town for more than 300 years, longer than almost any other town in the country. We’ve seen a few things. Generations of Edenton’s residents have lived through wars, slavery, The Great Depression, and everything else this country has experienced. But, unless you take the Edenton Trolley Tour, you’ll likely miss some of the best, funniest, and most interesting stories. You’ll hear stories that surprise, shock, and even inspire you.

You’ll get the “lay of the land.”

Yes, Edenton is a small town. But, there’s so much packed into this place that it’s easy to miss something important. You’ll walk right past an important house, miss the gravesite you wanted to see or forget about the tour you wanted to take. The Edenton Trolley Tour helps you get a mental map for your visit that will help you make sure you see what is most important to you.

You’ve probably never ridden anything quite like it.

New York and Los Angeles have those double-decker busses for tours designed to show you iconic buildings or help you catch a glimpse of a celebrity. We have an authentic trolley that will take you back to your childhood. There aren’t many around, and even fewer are ready to take you on a fun and comfortable tour.

It’s fun for the whole family.

History lovers enjoy the tour because of the stories. If you love architecture and beautiful buildings, you’ll get your fill of gorgeous and strange structures. But it isn’t just for adults. Kids get a kick out of riding, waving out the windows, and getting to do something they’ve never done before.

There’s a reason the Edenton Trolley Tour is so popular.

Fascinating stories and a fun experience all packed into a perfectly curated experience that gives you the perfect overview of Edenton.


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