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Edenton is an exciting, vibrant, and endlessly interesting place to visit. Discover what is new in Edenton!


Cupola House

Today, Edenton is a land of stunning colonial architecture, impeccably preserved historical sites, and fascinating history that draws people from all over the country.

Academics and tourists alike come to Edenton because of the carefully preserved history.

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day.

We just started the new year, but Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that sneaks up on you.

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Countdown to Christmas 

The countdown to Christmas has begun!

Last Saturday, we kicked off the Christmas season in Edenton with the first-ever Kick-off to Christmas.

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Christmas 2021 Preview

2021 has been a fantastic year in Edenton, and we’ve set record after record for new visitors coming to Edenton.

But we aren’t done yet!

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Inner Banks Inn

How many towns can boast about having the best accommodations in the world?

When you think of “world-class” places, you think of Paris, New York, LA, or Vail, CO.

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Edenton’s #1 Hotel

If you’ve ever traveled, you know that not all hotels are the same.

Some have cookie-cutter rooms with hard beds, forgettable decorations, and generic accommodations.

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Where To Stay In Edenton

Edenton, NC, is a charming town full of history, mystery, and surprises. But, if you are going to visit, you must figure out where you will stay. No matter how you travel, Edenton has an option that fits your lifestyle.

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5 Essential Places To Visit In Edenton

Edenton might be a small town, but it is packed with important and interesting places to visit.

People are always asking us about what places they should visit when they stop by. Today I’ll tell you.

Here are the top five most essential places to visit when you come to Edenton (in no particular order):

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