Harbor Town Cruise

Coming Soon

Edenton is proud to be a port of call along the Albemarle Loop!

The imminent launch of Harbor Towns Cruises this summer signals an exciting time for our coastal community! Aboard custom-built Hysucats (hydrofoil-supported catamarans), visitors can glide across the serene Albemarle Sound, North America’s largest freshwater lagoon, exploring the character-rich communities of Hertford, Plymouth, Elizabeth City and Columbia, as well as our beloved Edenton. 25 years in the making, this project is a testament to the local charm and vast natural beauty of our region.

Edenton is proud to be the inaugural port of the first trip aboard “Penelope,” named after our very own Penelope Barker, who was the trailblazing leader behind the Edenton Tea Party. In addition to ferry cruises to and from Edenton, you can also explore Edenton’s waterways by booking introductory and excursion tours that range from 30 minutes to 1 hour 25 minutes.

For tickets and more information, visit harbortownscruises.com


  • The boats will be touring until the end of November 2023, and then starting again in April 2024.

  • The first 32-passenger Hysucat, “Penelope,” will be ready for its inaugural trip from Edenton upon Coast Guard approval.

  • The second Hysucat, “The Moses Grandy,” is expected to be ready by
    late September 2023.

  • In addition to the fleet of 2-Hysucat Excursion Boats, there are also plans for a dinner boat coming in April 2024.