Chowan Art’s Council

Hidden just off Colonial Park, looking out over Edenton Bay, is one of the most surprising and beautiful places in Chowan County.

The Chowan Arts Council.

Launched back in 1976, it moved down to this beautiful spot in 2019, making it easily accessible for Edenton’s visitors and locals alike.

And, whether you live here full time or are only visiting us for a romantic getaway, it’s a place that adds depth, beauty, and charm to this town in a very special way.

The Chowan Arts Council is a community arts center that features a wide range of beautiful and awe-inspiring art, from wall art and paintings to pottery, sculptures, furniture, jewelry, and more.

It’s truly a community art center. 

Numerous local artists display their work here, painters, potters, jewelry makers, and more, all who live here in Chowan County.

But, as a regional hub for the arts, the Chowan Arts Council also draws artists more than a hundred artists from the greater Albemarle region and beyond. 

When you visit the CAC (as we call it), you’ll see artists from Chowan County throughout North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina too.

Open Monday-Friday from 10-4 and Saturday 11-4, it’s the perfect place to look for a one-of-a-kind souvenir to remember your trip to Edenton.

Or, visit the Chowan Art’s Council to scape the summer heat, or spend a few minutes while waiting for your ride on Captain Mark’s LiberTEA, or the Edenton Trolley.

Here, you’ll get the painting that ties the entire room together, some custom-made jewelry you couldn’t find anywhere else, or a piece of pottery that will inspire interest and questions from everyone who comes to your house.

You won’t want to miss it on your visit to Edenton!


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