Edenton Bay Cruises

Every spring, a familiar site returns to Edenton Bay.

Once again, we can see the Liber-Tea, under the command of Captain Mark Thesier, out on the Albemarle Sound, telling the maritime history of Edenton as he tours up and down the coastline.

As long as the weather permits, Captain Mark takes tourists, visitors, and even residents out for a unique tour of Edenton, focusing on our extensive maritime history.

Honestly, it’s a little hard to know what is more interesting, the tour or the boat itself.

The Liber-Tea is a unique six-seater boat with an eco-friendly all-electric engine that barely makes a whisper.

So, as Captain Mark regales you with fascinating stories about Edenton’s distant (and not-so-distant) past, the loudest noise you hear is the water gently lapping against the hull.

It’s perfect for a relaxing hour out on the water-especially after you’ve been walking around exploring the land-side of Edenton all morning.

So, as you settle into the comfortable seats of the Liber-Tea, what will you hear?

  • You’ll learn why the famous cypress tree rising from the water near the Barker House was an important stop for ships entering and leaving Edenton’s harbor.
  • You’ll hear the story of how one house changed Edenton’s architecture forever.
  • You’ll get the inside scoop on why residents had to dredge cannons up from the bottom of the sound.

And many other fascinating stories.

Captain Mark is an incredible storyteller, and the hour passes by in the blink of an eye.

Captain Mark’s daily cruises on the Liber-Tea are the perfect compliment to the Edenton Trolley Tour, giving you a “complete” history of Edenton.

It’s a “can’t miss” part of every visit to Edenton.

You’ll love it!


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