The Edenton Farmers Market

People are taking down their Christmas lights, trees hitting the curb, and kids have just returned to school after a long break filled with presents, fresh-baked cookies, and candy.

Things are quickly returning to “normal.” But what do you do when you’ve eaten all of Grandma’s cookies and the holiday roast is gone?

Here in Edenton, whether you are a local like me or a visitor, you head over to the Farmers Market.

Edenton’s Farmers Market is the go-to place to get fresh, local produce. And whether you are stopping by to pick up some fresh-baked bread before dinner on Wednesday night or swinging by to get a mid-morning snack while you are out and exploring Edenton’s historic downtown, you’ll love it!

The market, packed to the brim with fresh-caught seafood, local produce, and locally crafted things of all kinds, is truly a community institution.

Several years ago, when the Edenton Farmers Market needed a new building, the entire community came together to raise money and build a beautiful building located in Edenton’s historic downtown.

A short stroll from all of Edenton’s famous buildings, the Farmers Market is almost always near. 

It sits across the street from the Iredell house homesite (James Iredell was one of the founding members of the US Supreme Court) and the Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church (the 2nd-oldest church building in North Carolina).

So, grabbing some fresh-made cheese for a boost of energy or a locally-made souvenir to commemorate your visit to Edenton is incredibly convenient. 

Stroll through the bustling aisles of fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, and eggs from local farmers. 

Every Wednesday and Saturday, you’ll find something a little new and different at the Edenton Farmers Market.

But, no matter what, it will be fresh, tasty, and homemade, so stop by the Edenton Farmers Market next time you visit Edenton.


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