Edenton’s #1 Hotel

If you’ve ever traveled, you know that not all hotels are the same.

Some have cookie-cutter rooms with hard beds, forgettable decorations, and generic accommodations.

Others have character and individuality.

Edenton’s Hampton Inn is the latter.

This 61-room hotel is a prime example of when people put love, attention, and focus into where they work.

For the past 16 years, Katrina Barnes has managed Edenton’s Hampton Inn with tender care and great attention to detail.

In this time, the Hampton Inn has attracted every sort of traveler to Edenton.

  • Snowbirds headed south for the winter.
  • Families traveling through Edenton toward the Outer Banks
  • Tourists looking for a comfortable bed and a safe place to sleep while visiting Edenton’s incredible history.
  • Corporate travelers doing business in Edenton.
  • Wedding parties celebrating a marriage in Edenton.

The Hampton Inn isn’t just another hotel.

From the moment you walk in, you can tell that this place has been lovingly and carefully curated to reflect the unique personality of Edenton.

The entire hotel has been carefully renovated from top to bottom, all 61 rooms getting a total makeover within the last year.

The fresh and modern “inner coastal style” of the Hampton Inn gives this version of the iconic hotel brand a unique flavor.

The stylish and comfortable front lobby is newly redesigned to accommodate an expansive breakfast area.

An Edenton resident painted the paintings that hang around the building.

The rooms feature spacious floor plans and comfortable amenities.

But, whether you are stopping by for the night or staying for a week, you need to check out the new and improved outdoor entertaining area.

The heated pool features an expanded patio with a grill for guests to enjoy along with the pool.

The area also features a beautiful fire pit and comfortable covered seating areas, perfect for cool autumn nights.

Whether staying for a night or a week, the Hampton Inn is an excellent example of an affordable and luxurious hotel.

It is a really special place, managed and cared for by special people.

No wonder so many people rave about the Hampton Inn in Edenton.

You will, too, when you book a room the next time you swing by Edenton.


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