Sailing on the Sound

One of the primary attractions of Edenton is its waterfront location on the beautiful Albemarle Sound.

During Edenton’s colonial days, the Sound played an important role in shaping Edenton as a destination seaport for trade and travel.

Because of its strategic waterfront location, Edenton also became a critical part of the maritime Underground Railroad, helping people escape to freedom. 

Nowadays, the Albemarle Sound offers beautiful vistas, relaxing sunsets, and an occasional glimpse of dolphins frolicking in its waves. 

If you’re visiting Edenton, there’s no better time to enjoy the water than during the summer!

Here are some options so you can take advantage of all that the Albemarle Sound has to offer.

If you’re into outdoor adventures, you can rent kayaks and canoes down by the waterfront at Colonial Park.

You can explore several paddling trails along the Chowan River, which flows into the Sound, and along our many creeks.

You’ll be treated to sights of beautiful cypress trees, laden with hanging Spanish moss, and may even catch sight of a bald eagle, soaring over the water. 

And, if you’re really adventurous, you can paddle your craft out into the Sound and stay overnight at one of our John’s Island Camping Platforms.

If you’d prefer a relaxing sunset cruise while learning more about Edenton’s maritime history, you can book an excursion aboard the “Liber-Tea” with Edenton Bay Cruises.

Captain Mark will regale you with stories of swash-buckling pirates, adventure-seekers, and important figures who shaped Edenton’s past and present.

Maybe you’ve wanted to try your hand at sailing? 

If so, Edenton’s Sailing Club meets every Thursday evening at 5:30 p.m. during the summer at Colonial Park and offers free sailing experiences and lessons to anyone who’s interested. 

No prior experience is necessary to enjoy this unique opportunity, and sailboats are provided!

And even if you decide not to go out on the water, you can enjoy the sight of numerous sailboats on the Sound while you relax on a waterfront bench in the park. 

Don’t forget that if you book a stay at one of our luxurious B&Bs they can help you make arrangements to enjoy any of these options or to book a nearby fishing or crabbing charter. 

The waters of the Albemarle Sound offer some unforgettable experiences, perfect for enjoying the summer in Edenton.

We hope you’ll take advantage of them, and we can’t wait to see you soon!


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