St. Paul’s

Edenton is the sort of place where the walls between the present and the past are especially thin.

You can have lunch at Emilio’s General Store and Takeaway and then step back in time at the Chowan County Courthouse or the Cupola House, just a short walk away.

But, of all the beautiful places from Edenton’s history, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is one of the most unique.

It’s the perfect place to have an afternoon picnic, read a book while enjoying a quiet fall afternoon or explore beautiful gravestones going back to the Revolutionary era.

Here, you can tour one of the oldest churches in America, a church that is still thriving today.

Established in 1701, the St. Paul’s we know and love (and that you can visit) was built beginning in 1736.

The grounds, with grave markers and gravestones around the expansive property, go back to 1783.

Here, you can sit, think, read, pray, and contemplate to your heart’s content.

The shade provided by the ancient trees will cool you off on the hottest days, providing a respite from the sun when you need it most.

The church, beautifully appointed and open to the public most days, also offers the visitor an insight into architecture that is hard to find almost anywhere else.

It’s the 2nd oldest church building in North Carolina and one of the oldest in the country.

Still the home of a thriving church community, it’s a welcome place of contemplation, reflection, and relaxation throughout the year.

If you are coming to Edenton to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, make it a priority to take a walk through the grounds of St. Paul’s.

It’s a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Peruse the gravestones and monuments—Marvel at the architecture. And soak in the history represented by St. Paul’s.


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